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CSIC has signed for the future IBMB building

The CSIC has signed today, together with the Ministry of Science and Innovation and Barcelona…

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Dr. Liesa and Dr. Gomis-Rüth are in the top 2% of the world’s most highly cited scientists in 2022

Stanford University releases every year a list that includes the Top 2% of the Most…

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Joan Roig presented their latest research on the regulation of the centrosome cycle at the EMBO Workshop

Joan Roig, IP of the Cell Cycle and Signaling group at the IBMB, presented their…

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Single-chain dimers from de novo immunoglobulins as robust scaffolds for multiple binding loops

Dr. Enrique Marcos’ laboratory has developed principles for de novo designing single-chain immunoglobulin dimers as…

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The TNFR Wengen regulates the FGF pathway by an unconventional mechanism

The Llimargas lab identifies an unconventional mechanism of activity for a TNF Receptor (TNFR). They…

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Elisa Marti gave a plenary lecture at the IBRO (International Brain Research Organizarion) in Granada

Elisa Marti gave a plenary lecture at the IBRO (International Brain Research Organizarion) in Granada;…

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Silvia Dyson awarded by the Extraordinary Doctorate Award of the UB

The Governing Council of the Faculty of Biology of the UB, meeting on July 2023,…

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A novel target to treat aggressive lymphomas is discovered by the Liesa laboratory in collaboration with Bantam Pharmaceutical

Dr. Liesa’s laboratory identified that the activation of the mitochondrial protease OMA1 is central to…

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IBMB-CSIC has been awarded 4 JAE Intro grants

We are pleased to announce IBMB's success in the recent CSIC JAE-Intro grant call. These…

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The AiChemist project has officially started

The AiChemist project has officially started as of 01.09.2023.   The AiChemist project (, coordinated…

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Unveiled an essential mechanism in embryonic development: the key role of the number of DNA copies

Researchers from the CSIC's Institute of Molecular Biology of Barcelona and IRB Barcelona reveal how…

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