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KIS counteracts PTBP2 and regulates alternative exon usage in neurons

This study provides important new insights into the regulation of alternative splicing in neurons by…

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Linker histone H1 regulates homeostasis of heterochromatin-associated cRNAs

cRNAs, a heterogeneous group of RNAs that copurify with chromatin, are abundant in heterochromatic transcripts…

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Four IBMB members collaborate in the 18th Spanish Society for Developmental Biology Meeting

The Spanish Society for Developmental Biology (SEBD) is proud to announce the 18th meeting of…

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A team of Spanish researchers, with the participation of Noelia Ferruz from the IBMB, will design proteins using AI to make advanced therapies more efficient.

The project will be undertaken by a public-private consortium formed by VIVEbiotech, Integra Therapeutics and…

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CSIC chooses the proposal “Metabolic Diseases: epidemics of the 21st Century” as part of the Science 4 Policy project

The report, in which IBMB researcher Marc Liesa will participate in its generation and writing,…

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The Liesa laboratory identifies a novel mitochondrial redox mechanism determining neutrophilic inflammation in alcoholic hepatitis

The study, published in Redox Biology, shows that decreased activity of the mitochondrial biliverdin exporter…

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The first article of Cryo-Electron Microscopy Platform has been published on Science

Researchers at the Center for Genomic Regulation (CRG), the National Cancer Research Center (CNIO) and…

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