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Lab presentation

Welcome to our Lab! We are passionate about understanding how biology works.

Our research, situated at the interphase of cell, molecular and system biology, is focused on understanding the principles governing cell diversity. We investigate how epigenetics contribute to maintain a stable cell identity over time while also preparing cells for potential transformations. To address this, we combine experimental and computational approaches. Additionally, we are always interested in developing new molecular methods to expand the potential of single-cell genomics and CRISPR/Cas9 technologies.


Epigenetics and cell identity

Molecular basis of Ageing

Developing New Molecular Methods

Massively Parallel Functional Genomics

Project funding

Ayuda RYC2020-028998-I financiada por: 

Proyecto PID2022-137540NA-I00 financiado por:


We are looking for a researcher with a broad experience in tissue culture.


  • Degree on any field on Biology, Biochemistry or Biotechnology
  • At least two years of wet lab experience.
  • Experience in basic cell culture techniques and molecular biology techniques
  • Familiarity with flow cytometry (Flow) and fluorescence-activated cell sorting (FACS).
  • Excellent organizational and multitasking abilities

We are interested in developing new molecular methods for single cell genomic applications. A part of our small lab, you will be responsible for lab management and providing support to students. We expect you to be proactive, take initiative and demonstrate strong problem-solving skills. This is a long-term position, with an initial contract of three years.

Send your CV to before 25th of September!

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Irene Hernando Herráez

PhD - Ramon y Cajal

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