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Enrique Marcos, Murielle Saade and Esteban Hoijman promoted to Científicos Titulares

We are delighted to announce that Dr. Enrique Marcos and Dr. Murielle Saade, two Ramon…

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Condensin pinches a short negatively supercoiled DNA loop during each round of ATP usage

SMCs are essential protein complexes highly conserved in all life kingdoms. SMCs fold chromosomal DNA…

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Measuring ventral nerve cord stiffness in live flat-dissected Drosophila embryos by atomic force microscopy

Abstract Drosophila is an amenable system for addressing the mechanics of morphogen-esis. We describe a…

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Impaired macroglial development and axonal conductivity contributes to the neuropathology of DYRK1A‐related intellectual disability syndrome

DYRK1A haploinsufficiency alters the production of cortical astrocytes and oligodendrocyte progenitors during development, as well…

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Welcome Héctor García-Seisdedos

IBMB is excited to welcome Héctor García-Seisdedos to the Department of Structural Systems Biology!

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Spatial genome organization, TGFβ, and biomolecular condensates: Do they talk during development?

In this review, we discuss how developmental signaling, epigenetics, and biochemical properties are coordinated to…

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CSIC JAE Intro Scholarships Call / Convocatoria Becas JAE Intro del CSIC

The JAE Intro scholarships, aimed at initiation into research for university students, are remunerated and enable the subsequent…

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THE NEW CRYO-EM PLATFORM is running! The IBMB-CSIC Cryo-EM Platform, located at ALBA synchrotron, opened its doors to users…

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Characterization of the molecular mechanisms used by JmjC-lysine demethylases to regulate gene expression

Thesis presented on Tuesday, 27th of September by Marta Vicioso Mantis, at the Aula de Graus…

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De novo design of immunoglobulin-like domains

The design of immunoglobulin-like domains from scratch has been a long-standing challenge. We have identified…

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Proteína inmunodominante P116 del patógeno humano Mycoplasma pneumoniae: Un recipiente para el colesterol y otros lípidos esenciales

Thesis presented by Jesús Martín Romero, enrolled in the Biotechnology program at the University of…

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