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The general objective of this project is the creation of the IBMB-CSIC Cryo-Electron Microscopy Platform, hosts at the synchrotron ALBA-CELLS, by means of the acquisition, installation, start-up and shared use of advanced electron microscopy equipment.

Within the framework of the project, we will acquire a specialized cryo-electron microscope for structural biology applications, equipped with an automated sample load system and a last generation direct electron detector. The platform is headed by the IBMB-CSIC and includes IRB, CRG, UAB and the ALBA synchrotron as partners.

The platform will give access to state-of-the-art cryo-EM equipment for structure determination projects using the latest technology and methods. This platform will provide the beneficiary institutions and participants, as well as the other research institutions of Catalonia and other regions with a leading technology to face the new challenges in the field of biomedicine and biotechnology.

Experts will be on hand to help and support researchers during microscope handling, data acquisition and optimisation of imaging conditions.

This platform is presented by CSIC through its Institute of Molecular Biology of Barcelona, on behalf of the aforementioned institutions. The CSIC will act as the beneficiary entity.

This project is co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund of the European Union in the framework of the Operational Program ERDF of Catalonia 2014-2020 with a grant of 850,000.00 €

24/02/2023 – Inauguration of the Joint Electron Microscopy Center at ALBA [New]. The “Conseller de Recerca i Universitats”, Joaquim Nadal i Farreras, inaugurated this morning the new JEMCA.

17/10/2022 – THE NEW CRYO-EM PLATFORM is running! [New]. The IBMB-CSIC Cryo-EM Platform, located at ALBA synchrotron, opened its doors to users belonging to founding institutions (IBMB, IRB, CRG, UAB and ALBA).

15/01/2021 – Awarded tender [Tender award Notice]. Supply and installation of a 200 kV transmission electron cryomicroscopy equipped with a gun emission field and direct electron detector for the Molecular Biology Institute of Barcelona.

23/02/2021 – New equipment acquired by the IBMB cryoEM Plattform [New]. The IBMB cryoEM Plattform has acquired a Thermo Scientific Glacios Cryo Transmission Electron Microscope equipped with the last generation Direct Electron Detector Falcon 4.

02/09/2021 – The Cryo-Electron Microscopy Platform one step closer [New]. Last August 31 the ALBA synchrotron received the high-voltage cryo-electron microscope for biological applications to be hosted in the microscopy platform as a result of a joint action of 9 research institutions and the support of ERDF funds.

Glacios Cryo-TEM

Thermo Scientific Glacios Cryo Transmission Electron Microscope equipped with a Falcon 4. It features 200 kV XFEG optics, the industry-leading Autoloader and the same innovative automation for ease of use as on the Krios G4 Cryo-TEM.

– 200 kV High-brightness field emission gun (X-FEG)
– Automated and contamination-free loading of cassettes, containing up to 12 Autogrids
– Direct Electron Detector Falcon 4
– EPU Software for SPA sample assessment, optimization, and data acquisition


Thermo Scientific Vitrobot Mark IV

Thermo Scientific Vitrobot Mark IV System is a fully PC-controlled device for vitrification of biological samples.

– Fully automated, reproducible vitrification of aqueous suspensions
– Precise control of critical process parameters
– Enclosed environmental chamber
– High sample throughput


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