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Carme Gallego promoted to Investigadora Científica

The IBMB Direction board wants to share the good news that Carme Gallego has been promoted to…

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JmjC family of histone demethylases form nuclear condensates

With our work, we demonstrate that the JmjC-family of histone demethylases contain low complexity domains…

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JMJD3 intrinsically disordered region links the 3D-genome structure to TGFβ-dependent transcription activation

Summary In our study we demonstrated that TGFb drives multi-enhancer contacts and ultimately gene activation…

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News and Views article published at the EMBO Journal about lipid metabolism and lipid droplets

Dr. Liesa was invited by the EMBO Journal to write a News and Views on…

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Mad3 modulates the G1 Cdk and acts as a timer in the Start network

Size control is a universal property of cells, and the existence of mechanisms gauging size…

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The Basement Membrane controls size and integrity of the Drosophila tracheal tubes

Biological tubes are critical units of most organs in metazoans where they perform vital functions.…

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Coordinated changes in gene expression, H1 variant distribution and genome 3D conformation in response to H1 depletion

Researchers of the IBMB have investigated for the first time the genomic distribution of five…

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Installation and Construction of our IBMBscope: Cryo-Electron Microscope

We got it! Don’t miss the installation of our @IBMBscope: cryo-electron microscope for bio applications.…

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