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Joan Roig has been interviewed by El Español newspaper to talk about the protein NEK8

Joan Roig, IP of the Cell Cycle and Signaling group of the IBMB, has been…

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Essential protein P116 extracts cholesterol and other indispensable lipids for Mycoplasmas

The unique structural peculiarities of P116, an immune-dominant protein from the human pathogen Mycoplasma pneumonia,…

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IBMB celebrates the International Day of Women and Girls in Science

To celebrate February 11th, Interntaional Day of Women and Girls in Science, the IBMB Diversity…

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JNK signaling in pioneer neurons organizes ventral nerve cord architecture in Drosophila embryos

Abstract Morphogenesis of the Central Nervous System (CNS) is a complex process that obeys precise…

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Structures of pMV158 replication initiator RepB with and without DNA reveal a flexible dual-function protein

A new hexameric and DNA-bound structure of RepB, the replication initiation protein of plasmid pMV158,…

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Structure-function characterization of a virulence array of periodontopathogenic Tannerella forsythia

Periodontopathogenic Tannerella forsythia possesses the unique, tightly-regulated KLIKK-peptidase/potempin system in which six distinct metallo- and…

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Expansion microscopy of the chick embryo neural tube to overcome molecular crowding at the centrosomes-cilia

Abstract We describe an optimized protocol for application of expansion microscopy (ExM) on chick neural…

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Enrique Marcos, Murielle Saade and Esteban Hoijman promoted to Científicos Titulares

We are delighted to announce that Dr. Enrique Marcos and Dr. Murielle Saade, two Ramon…

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Condensin pinches a short negatively supercoiled DNA loop during each round of ATP usage

SMCs are essential protein complexes highly conserved in all life kingdoms. SMCs fold chromosomal DNA…

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Measuring ventral nerve cord stiffness in live flat-dissected Drosophila embryos by atomic force microscopy

Abstract Drosophila is an amenable system for addressing the mechanics of morphogen-esis. We describe a…

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