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Media Kitchen

The service provides liquid and solid culture media for E. coli (LB and LB plus different antibiotics),S. cerevisiae (YPD and SDC drop outs) and D. melanogaster. A complete set of the most used buffers in cell and molecular biology are also offered. The users can either utilize the media and buffers in stock or order it in advance if an important quantity is required. The IBMB media kitchen mostly serves groups working at the IBMB, but external services can also be provided in some cases.

A full set of media and buffers prepared are listed below.



  • LB liquid
  • LB agar plates
  • LB agar plates ampicillin
  • LB agar plates kanamycin
  • LB agar plates chloramphenicol
  • YPD liquid
  • YPD agar plates
  • YPD agar plates geneticin
  • SDC* single drop outs liquid
  • SDC* single drop outs agar plates
  • SDC* double drop outs liquid
  • SDC* double drop outs agar plates
  • SDC* triple drop outs liquid
  • SDC* triple drop outs agar plates
  • SDC* cuadruple drop outs liquid
  • SDC* cuadruple drop outs agar plate
  • *SDC drop outs can be –Ura, -Lys, -Leu, -His, -Trp. -Ade


  • NaCl 5M
  • Coomassie destaining
  • SDS 10 %
  • Tris 1M, different pH adjusted
  • Hepes 1M, different pH adjusted
  • EDTA 0.5M
  • TAE (Tris-Acetate-EDTA) x 50
  • TBS (Tris-Buffered-Saline) x 10
  • PBS (Phosphate-Buffered-Saline) x 10
  • TBE (Tris-Borate EDTA) x 10
  • SDS-PAGE Running Buffer x 10
  • SDS-PAGE Transfer buffer x 10



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