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The Ph. D. Office is meant to facilitate the scientific and administrative life of our Ph. D. students, create a good work environment, promote scientific and social events and provide guidance during the development of their Ph. D. Thesis.

In addition to the Ph. D. Thesis supervisor, supportive guidance is provided to the students by the Thesis Advisory Committees (TACs).

Issues discussed within the Ph. D. student community or particular concerns that arise during project development can be brought to Ph. D. Student Chairs, any member of the Ph. D. Student Senior Board or via the Ph. D. Student Council.

IBMB Training Presentation

IBMB students follow the IBMB-Ph. D. Programme, which includes the development of a scientific project in addition to access to internationally renowned weekly seminars, conferences on scientific writing, oral presentations and professional guidance, technical workshops and the yearly Student and IBMB-Christmas Meetings.

All scientific activities are held in English and prepare the students to present and discuss science at an international level. Students are encouraged to attend Conferences in their fields and visit laboratories abroad for periods of 3 to 6 months to improve their scientific and technical skills.

Become a PhD student

Most of the Ph. D. students at the IBMB start as Master Students or even as Pregraduate fellows. The IBMB offers positions to develop the pre-graduate practicums and Master Thesis at several Universities of Barcelona (See Masters and Practicums related to our research at “webs of interest”).

Starting as a Master student gives you the opportunity to have a first contact with the research group and decide on a solid base to proceed to the Ph. D. during the next 3-4 years.

Once the decision is made, the student will chose a Ph. D. Programme from any of the Universities in Barcelona, matriculate and search for founding.

There are several founding opportunities to support your studies (see Ph. D. fellowships at “webs of interest”). If you are particularly interested in the research of one or more of our groups, we strongly recommend you to directly contact the Principal Investigator by e-mail to explore the possibilities.

Become a phd student

PhD. Office structure & contact

Ph. D. student Chairs

Josep Vilardell 934020549
Maribel Geli 934020193

Senior panel

Carme Gallego 934033728
Xavier Gomis 934020186
Albert Jordan 934020487
Mariona Arbonés 934020858

Ph. D. students Council

The Ph. D. Student Council meets regularly to discuss issues concerning the Ph. D. student community and to organize scientific and social events for the IBMB-Ph.  Ph. D. Student Council is conformed by 2 student representatives from each department:





Thesis Advisory Committees (TAC)

Thesis Advisory Committees (TACs) provides guidance to the students. TACs are composed of 2 senior scientists chosen by the student, with at least one member belonging to the IBMB. Yearly confidential reports should be sent to the PhD. office by the student, TAC and thesis supervisor after each meeting:

Ph.D. office supervisor report
Ph.D. office TAC report
Ph.D. office student report

Institute thesis

2022 IBMB Thesis

2022 IBMB Thesis: Victoria Beatriz Pino Jiménez

Análisis de las diferencias entre células progenitoras y no progenitorasen el sistema traqueal de Drosophila Melanogaster.

2022 IBMB Thesis: Bernat Coll

Structure / Function Study of the Proteaseome: Characterization of RPN5 Sumoylation and Development of Proteolytic Chimeras.

2021 IBMB Thesis

2021 IBMB Thesis: David Vizarraga Revuelto

Estructura y función de las adhesinas de micoplasma del grupo pneumoniae.

2021 IBMB Thesis: Laura del Amo Maestro

Functional interplay of proteins and proteases: AD13-VWF, TGFβ2-α2M, and the proteolysis of gliadin by neprosin.

2021 IBMB Thesis: Iracema Caballero Muñoz

Development of crystallographic methods for phasing highly modulated macromolecular structures.

2021 IBMB Thesis: Ana del Rocío Medina Bernal

Structural analysis of macromolecular folds and the application to phasing.

2021 IBMB Thesis: Paula Escudero Ferruz

Analysis of the contribution of Barrier to Autointegration Factor (BAF) to centromere Function and mitosis progression.

2021 IBMB Thesis: Simona Iacobucci

Function of the histone demethylase PHF8 in neural progenitor cells and glial differentiation.

2021 IBMB Thesis: Silvia Dyson Coral

Mechanisms that regulate intracellular DNA entanglement.

2021 IBMB Thesis: Sandra Casani Miravalls

Cell elongation and cell intercalation in dorsal branch extension during the development of the embryonic tracheal system of Drosophila melanogaster.

2020 IBMB Thesis

2020 IBMB Thesis: Aleix Tarrés Solé

Structural characterization of a mitochondrial DNA maintenance factor of biomedical interest.

2020 IBMB Thesis: Rosario Sanz Pérez

Analysis of a functional crosstalk between hormonal and Hippo signaling pathways in breast cancer cells.

2020 IBMB Thesis: Pedro Jesús Vidal

Tamaño crítico: efectos e implicaciones en crecimiento y ciclo celular.

2020 IBMB Thesis: Andrea Ochoa Alcalá

Papel de la vinculina en la migración nuclear intercinética durante el desarrollo del tubo neural de pollo.

2020 IBMB Thesis: Victor Manuel Ruiz Arroyo

Structural and functional analysis of Zika Virus NS5 Protein.

2020 IBMB Thesis: Joana Segura

Estudio de la topología del ADN nucleosomal y su paradoja del número de enlace.

2020 IBMB Thesis: Inés Hernández

Kazrin C Controls Endocytic Trafficking and is a Double Regulator of Actin Polymerisation and Microtubule Transport.

2020 IBMB Thesis: Núria Gallisà

Regulation of the microtubule-based motors dynein and Eg5 through phosphorylation of the associated proteins BICD2 and TPX2.

2019 IBMB Thesis

2019 IBMB Thesis: Stella Pappa

Role of the histone demethylase PHF2 during early neurogenesis.

2019 IBMB Thesis: Elena Álvarez de la Campa

A Machine Learning Model For Improving The Annotation Of Protein Sequence Variants In Sequencing Projects.

2019 IBMB Thesis: Maria de los Angeles Rodríguez Sánchez

Resultados funcionales de la participación de las proteínas insulator en la organización de la cromatina.

2019 IBMB Thesis: Paula Climent

Estudio funcional de la variante embrionaria de la histona H1 de Drosophila.

2019 IBMB Thesis: Elena Gonzalez Gobartt

Study of the secondary neurulation in the chick embryo, a model to understand neural tube defects.

2019 IBMB Thesis: Isabel Pijuan Jiménez

Molecular mechanisms involved in the cerebral cortex development and their implications in neurodevelopmental disorders.

2019 IBMB Thesis: Lucía Fanlo Escudero

Neuroblastoma cancer stem cells: The role of NXPH1 and its receptor α-NRXN1.

2019 IBMB Thesis: Gianmarco Di Mauro

Functional analysis of the extraproteasomal ubiquitin receptor Dsk2/UBQLN in Drosophila and human cells.

2019 IBMB Thesis: Erika Zodda

Characterization of Endothelial Cell dysfunction associated to Acute Myocardial Infarction: modulation of metabolic pathways as a new therapeutic approach.

2019 IBMB Thesis: Mireia Muriel Masanes

Structural insights into ToxR, a virulence regulator in Vibrio cholerae.

2018 IBMB Thesis

2018 IBMB Thesis: Sara Gutiérrez Fernández

Funció del factor d’elongació eEF1A2 en plasticitat sinàptica.

2018 IBMB Thesis: Paula Martínez Delgado

Identification of novel NEK9 substrates and functions through the use of genetically engineered mice.

2018 IBMB Thesis: Adrian Baumann

Analysis of the molecular function of kazrin in endosomal trafficking

2018 IBMB Thesis: Andrea Izquierdo Bouldstridge

Analysis of the genomic distribution of linker histone H1 variants in human.

2018 IBMB Thesis: Anna Casas Lamesa

Analysis of the contribution of linker histone H1 to the dynamics of RNA:DNA hybrids.

2018 IBMB Thesis: Raquel Fueyo Arévalo

Study of the role of the histone demethylase JMJD3 as a transcriptional regulator.

2018 IBMB Thesis: Claudia Millán Nebot

Phase combination and its application to the solution of macromolecular structures: developing ALIXE and SHREDDER.

2018 IBMB Thesis: Antonio Valdés Gutiérrez

Análisis del anudamiento del ADN intracelular.

Scientific events


A global student symposium showcasing cutting-edge research from across the Life Sciences, held jointly by graduate students at the MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology (Cambridge, UK) and this year’s partner institute, the Institute for Molecular Biology for Barcelona (Spain). The programme consists of four speaker sessions covering a range of life science fields including structural…

Technical workshops

We also plan to invite speakers to teach us about topics that might be interesting for everybody, such as statistics, microscopy, amongst others.

Ph. D. students monthly seminar

These meetings are meant for the PhD community of the IBMB to get to know each other and be able to share our work without the constraints of having group leaders around. Every month, two speakers from different departments will present their research projects and results. As the four departments of the IBMB-CSIC are very…

Social events

First Meeting IBMB PhD Students

New council presentation, ideas proposal, bowling and beers (29th Nov at 6pm; Bowling Pedralbes)


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