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The Institute of Molecular Biology of Barcelona (IBMB) is a research institute of the Spanish Research Council (CSIC) located in the Barcelona Science Park (PCB), which provides an excellent scientific and technological framework. The main purpose of our institute is to promote excellent research and to contribute to fundamental scientific advances across a broad spectrum of life sciences.

IBMB is committed to excellence in basic science giving priority to interdisciplinary research. Hence, the IBMB is organized with four different departments covering the areas of structural biology, genomic regulation, cell biology and cell development.  Research at IBMB is being reinforced by two outstanding scientific platforms and through the interaction with the local institutions.

IBMB is strongly committed to the education and training of young researchers in cutting-edge research. IBMB offers positions to develop the pre-graduate practicums and Master Thesis at several Universities of Barcelona.

Our PhD students follow the IBMB-Ph. D. Program, which includes the development of a scientific project with the close assistance of the PhD. Office and within the fields of fundamental and translation biology.

Scientific Committee

Director of The Molecular Biology Institute of Barcelona (IBMB)

Núria Verdaguer Massana –

Vicedirector of The Molecular Biology Institute of Barcelona (IBMB)

Mariona Arbonés Rafael  |

Josep Vilardell Trench |

Mª Isabel Geli Fernández-Peñaflor |

Office staff

Chief Administrator

Olga Gallardo

Administration Managing Director

Human Resources Administration

Project Administration

Accounting Officer

Gemma Molla

Financial and Payments Officer

Joan Lambea

Financial and Payments Officer

Purchasing Administration

ITS Administration Information Technology Services


Justificación de la indemnización

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Women in science

Women and Science, yes we can. At the Institute of Molecular Biology of Barcelona 42% of the group leaders are women.

European (and Spanish) laboratories are highly populated by young female predoctoral and postdoctoral researchers. However, the proportion of women in positions of responsibility (leading laboratory researchers, departmental / center directors) remains low

Women in Science About IBMB

This is an endemic disease in all professional activities. However, in addition to the intrinsic obstacle that often implies to make compatible professional and family activities, in the scientific career we face a surprising added problem;  even in the 21st century, 67% of europeans think that women lack the necessary skills for science such as rational thinking, analytical and practical mind and / or perseverance, among others ( Why are there only 18 female scientists Nobel Prize winners versus 590 men?

The example of successful professional women in their field is vital for future researchers to take the necessary steps towards the scientific career. At IBMB 42% of the group leaders are women (this makes it an exception, compared to an average of 16% in other research institutes in Biomedicine). Female researchers at IBMB maintain a very high level of scientific competitiveness internationally without having to give up forming a family, if they wish. Counting their experience they want to contribute to eliminate the opacity on the scientific women so that young researchers do not abandon science. Society cannot afford this waste of highly qualified talent.

Tender and minor contracts

Direct contract offers IBMB (Minor Contract)

Fecha de publicaciónNº ExpedienteDescripciónTipo de contratoEstadoImportePlazoDocumentos

Scientific Volume Imaging b.v.
Máx. 14.990,00€10/11/2020See offer

[Scientific Volume Imaging b.v. offer]
07/10/202005010220100701DESARROLLO E IMPLANTACIÓN DE APLICACIONES ODOOSERVICIOAdjudicadoMáx. 6000€15/10/2020See offer
27/11/201905010219112601REPARACIÓN Y CALIBRADO MICROSCOPIOREPARACIÓN/SUMINISTROAdjudicado14.415€29/11/2019See offer



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