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IBMB SEMINAR Wednesday, September 16ht at 15h (2020).

Dr Bayés seminar, Molecular physiology of the synapse,
 that will be held Wednesday, September 16ht at 15h (2020).


For the online connection we are going to use the CSIC platform “CONECTA”.
You can access this platform from any computer (no need to be connected to the CSIC network).
Recommended browsers are Chrome (minimum version 59) and Firefox (minimum version 52).
The link for the seminar is:
Once you are in the Home Room of “CONECTA” write your name and click “entrar”.
The link will be operative a few minutes before 3PM tomorrow.
Please contact Mariona Arbonés (marbmc@ibmb.csic.ess) for additional information.
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