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SEMINARS of the Barcelona Yeast Group (BYG)

The BYG includes a number of labs that use yeast (mostly S. cerevisiae and/or
S. pombe) as working model. On the last Wednesday of alternate months, the
BYG meets at the PRBB. There, a member, preferably a student or postdoc,
gives a talk on her/his work. The main purpose of these talks is to discuss
ongoing projects with colleagues and to introduce yeast to a wider scientific

BYG talks are open and we encourage students and postdocs to participate.
Usually they are at 6 pm at a room to be announced.
It is not possible to advance the full schedule for 2020. The laboratories
expected to present are (in this order):

Talk I — Oxidative Stress and Cell Cycle (UPF)

Talk II – Mechanisms of pre-mRNA Splicing (IBMB)

Talk III – Spatial Control of Cell Cycle Entry (IBMB)

Talk IV — Protein phase transitions in health and disease (IBEC)

Talk V — The endocytic pathway and the actin cytoskeleton (IBMB)

As soon as it is feasible we will provide a more detailed program.

Please contact Josep Vilardell ( for additional information.

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