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Date / Time: Friday, March 5th 2021. 10:00h

SpeakerGERARD MAZÓN, Research group leader at the CNRS-Institute Gustave Roussy, Université Paris-Sud.

Title: “Sumo-directed control of the resolvase Yen1 in mitotic cells”

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The modification of DNA damage response proteins with SUMO is an important mechanism to orchestrate a timely and orderly recruitment of repair factors to damaged sites. After replication stress and double-strand break formation a number of repair factors are sumoylated and interact with other sumoylated factors, including the nuclease Yen1. Yen1 plays a critical role to ensure genome instability and unperturbed chromosome segregation by removing covalently linked DNA intermediates that are formed by Homologous Recombination. In this seminar, I will show you recent data of my laboratory that demonstrates how Yen1 active pools are controlled by the sumo-targeted ubiquitinase Slx5-Slx8 to curb down its deleterious effects and how the important role of Yen1 is dependent on interactions mediated by non-covalent binding to sumoylated partners. Mutations in the motifs that allow sumo-mediated recruitment of Yen1 impair its ability to resolve DNA intermediates and result in increased genome instability and chromosome mis-segregation.

Please contact Mariona Arbonés (marbmc@ibmb.csic.ess) for additional information.
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