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SBU brings microbes to the school

5 year’s old curiosity is always attentive, waiting for any tiny incentive to nourish by. From the Structural Biology Unit we have attempted to satisfy the need to discover that inhabits the children’s mind… ¿What´s a microbe?


Rosa Pérez, an investigation technician from the unit, tried to show at Ramon Llull’s classrooms the most relevant issues of microbial background by explaining the structure of bacteria using photos and funny illustrations.  Childs also carried out a simple small-scale experiment that illustrates the scientific task. Besides, we took advantage of the test highlighting the importance of keeping a nice hygiene of both hands and tooth.


Once dressed like scientifics, the kids got the opportunity of experimenting with Petri’s dishes, and introduce some bacteria from their hands, face, saliva or yogurt. We explained them that following one of the main doctrines of science, like patience is, and tracking the dishes everyday they would find little bacteria colonies product of their experiment.


Teacher’s posteriori comments, and what is more important, children’s faces during the session, pointed out that the experience had been absolutely successful. 


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