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Anna Cuppari defended her doctoral thesis at Faculty of Pharmacy from the University of Barcelona

On Wednesday, Ms. Anna Cuppari, a PhD student from the Structural Biology Unit, has successfully defended his thesis, supervised by Dr. Maria Solà. The evaluation committee for the defense was formed by Dr. Lourdes Campos, Professor from the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya, Dr. Isabel Usón, ICREA Research Professor and Dr. Albert Canals, Research Associate at Institute for Research in Biomedicine, Barcelona.

The title of the thesis is “Structure and biophysical studies of mitochondrial Transcription Factor A in complex with DNA” and reveals more information to the participation of this transcription factor to the mitochondrial DNA regulation and packaging.  The mitochondrial DNA codes for subunits of the electron transport chain that eventually leads to the synthesis of the ATP molecule and its deregulation causes complex diseases and syndromes that are difficult to diagnose and treat.

People from the SBU and former members of Maria Solà’s laboratory went to the thesis defense and enjoy the celebration aperitif with the new doctor.

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