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Timothy Thomson and Bernat Crosas will participate in the minisymposium Emerging Infectious Diseases: Environmental Factors and Lessons from COVID-19

    25/11/2022 – 27/11/2022 │ 

    This minisymposium is addressed to researchers, physicians and graduate students interested in further their understanding of emerging pathogens, including their origins and consequences for human health. Attending graduate students may use their participation to claim academic credits towards their degrees.

    The roster of speakers to this meeting include internationally recognized experts, from Peru, Spain and elsewhere, who will discuss theoretical and practical issues relevant to emerging diseases. The approaches will range from mechanisms and examples of zoonotic spillovers to environmental impacts on the emergence of new human diseases, notably infectious diseases, to genetic factors associated with severe COVID-19, molecular and physiological mechanisms of adaptation to residence at high altitude or new vaccines and new drug design strategies.

    This meeting will take place in a hybrid format, that is, both in-site and on-line. All presentations and discussions are scheduled in morning sessions, Peru time, compatible with afternoon sessions in Spain, the two countries where meeting participants are expected to be more numerous.

    In order to participate in one or the other modality, an online registration is required on its website:

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