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Dr. Liesa and Dr. Gomis-Rüth are in the top 2% of the world’s most highly cited scientists in 2022

    Stanford University releases every year a list that includes the Top 2% of the Most Cited Scientists in the World. Dr. Francesc Xavier Gomis-Rüth, the head of the Proteolysis laboratory and Dr. Marc Liesa, the head of the Mitochondria, Redox and Metabolic Diseases lab at the IBMB are amongst these highly cited scientists.

    This year’s edition of the Stanford University list of the most cited scientists was published October 4th 2023.
    Dr. Gomis-Rüth and Dr. Liesa made it to the single year 2022 list, with Dr. Gomis-Rüth also being in the Career-long list. The lists curated by faculty at Stanford University using the Scopus database can be downloaded here:

    The references with the methods used to generate the list can be found here:

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