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    The IBMB Diversity, Inclusion and Equity (DEI) Committee, in coordination with the Equality and Diversity Committee of IRB, organized the presentation of a book written by Jordi Casanova i Roca, Professor of Investigation of CSIC and PI at IBMB and IRB. The book focuses on Sex and Gender from a biological and cultural perspective. Jordi put on the table different very relevant aspects to take into account when discussing gender issues, from conceptual definitions to possible proposals to combat abusive and sexist attitudes. Jordi put back at the center of the stage several biological considerations that must be kept in mind, as important tools, and not as excuses, to rethink a more inclusive and egalitarian society respecting the diversity inherent in human people. Students, Post Doctoral fellows, Junior and Senior PIs, as well as the administrative department members of the IBMB and IRB completely filled the Felix Serratosa room at the PCB, and discussed with Jordi different hot topics after his presentation.

    Last May 26, representatives of the Equality Committees (IC) of the ICUs of CSIC participated in their 2023 Meeting, which was held at the López Neyra Institute of Parasitology and Biomedicine of the CSIC, in the city of Granada.

    The director of the IBMB, Elisa Martí, and Marta Llimargas, representing the IBMB Diversity Committee, participated in the meeting.

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