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IBMB Seminar, Friday, July 21st 10:00 AM | KERIANN BACKUS, PH.D.

    Date: Friday, July 21st | Torre I Room 3 | 21|07|2023

    Time: 10:00 AM

    Speaker: Keriann Backus.
    Alexander and Renee Kolin Term Chair
    Assistant Professor
    Biological Chemistry
    Chemistry and Biochemistry

    Title: “Chemoproteomic approaches to stratify the subcellular redox proteome

    Seminar Room: Torre I Room 3

    Host researcher: Dr. Marc Liesa


    Keywords: Cysteine, chemoproteomics, redox, proximity labeling, multi-omics



    Keriann Backus is an Assistant Professor of Biological Chemistry and Chemistry and Biochemistry at the University of California, Los Angeles.  Her research interests include the developing of new chemical probes, chemoproteomic and proteogenomic methods to study and rewire protein function in health and disease.

    Dr. Backus received a BS in Chemistry and BA in Latin American Studies in 2007 from Brown University. Her doctoral research was conducted in the laboratories of Benjamin Davis (Oxford) and Clifton Barry (NIH, NIAID) as a 2007 Rhodes Scholar and an NIH Oxford Cambridge Scholar. Her PhD work focused on the development of chemical probes to label and image Mycobacterium tuberculosis.  In 2012, Backus completed her doctorate and began an NIH postdoctoral fellowship at The Scripps Research Institute in the laboratory of Benjamin Cravatt. Her postdoctoral research developed chemoproteomic methods for the proteome-wide identification of ligandable cysteine and lysine residues. At UCLA, Dr. Backus’s research has been recognized by numerous awards, including a Beckman Young Investigator, DARPA Young Faculty Award, a V Scholar Research Award, Packard Fellowship, and the NIH New Innovator Award.

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