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VP40 Ebola virus

Carica papaya pyroglutamine cyclotransferase (2006)

This enzyme is in charge of cyclization of N-terminal glutamine to yield pyroglutamate. Interestingly, while mammalian enzymes display an α/β-hydrolase fold, plant and bacterial forms are five-bladed β-propellers.

Carried out in the Proteolysis Lab and the Structural MitoLab in collaboration with UNIZYME Laboratories.

Human Transforming Growth Factor β-Ιnduced Protein (2017)

TGFBIp is an extracellular matrix component that interacts with integrins but also produces corneal deposits when mutated. Its multi-domain structure revealed the hotspots for clinical mutations.

Carried out in the Proteolysis Lab in collaboration with the group of J. Enghild.

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