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Name: Oriol Capell Sandin

Position: TFG Student

Phone: +34 93 4020187

Synthetic Structural Biology

Biographical information

Oriol is currently in his final year of his Bachelor’s degree in Biotechnology at the University of Barcelona, and he is now completing his TFG internship and thesis at the IBMB-CSIC. During the last four years, he has acquired extensive knowledge in various fields, such as microbiology, immunology, and the industrial scale-up of biotechnological processes. As part of a research internship at the Barcelona Biomedical Research Park (PRBB), Oriol worked on fetal alcohol syndrome using the zebrafish model to analyze the impact of ethanol on early development. Oriol’s main objective is to understand biological processes and harness them for biomedical and biotechnological applications, and he has a key interest in biomedical engineering. In his Bachelor’s Thesis project, Oriol will expand our Synthetic Flagellin Toolkit by engineering new hybrid flagellins and creating orthogonal “Golden Gate Assembly”-compatible expression plasmids, which will allow the co-display of up to three flagellin variants.

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