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Name: Ariana Ivanić

Position: Erasmus+ Student, 2022

Synthetic Structural Biology

Biographical information

I completed my Bachelor’s Degree in Biology at the University of Zagreb in 2019. For my Bachelor’s thesis I focused on the biochemical properties of byssus, a protein structure secreted by certain mussels. Its ability to adhere in wet conditions, as well as its firm and elastic structure, make it an intriguing topic for future biotechnological and biomedical research. In 2022, I received my Master’s Degree in Molecular Biology from the same university. My Master’s Thesis project focused on the efficiency of somatic embryogenesis in Arabidopsis thaliana DNA methylation mutants. I assessed the embryogenic potential and its dependence on a functional de novo DNA methylation pathway, and analyzed gene expression levels of various embryogenesis-related genes. I am now conducting an Erasmus+ research internship at the Molecular Biology Institute of Barcelona (IBMB-CSIC), where I am attempting to restore motility in an Escherichia coli strain lacking flaglla using plasmid-derived flagellins, as well as to develop hybrid flagella with enzymatic activity.

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