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Date / Time: Friday, October 8th, 10:00 AM | ZOOM Online | 08|10|2021

Speaker: Dr. Héctor García, Research Assistant at Emmanuel Levy’s lab. Weizmann Institute of Science.

Title:“Infinite Protein Assembly in Health and Disease”

Online seminar via Zoom. Please, members of IBMB, check your mailbox.


During my scientific career, I have been devoted to understanding how function, stability, and interactions interconnect with the structure and sequence of proteins. In my Ph.D., I combined experimental and bioinformatics approaches to address the design of hyper-stable tailor-made enzymes. In my postdoc, in the Structural Biology Department of the Weizmann Institute, I developed a broad research direction aimed at characterizing the potential of mutations to create promiscuous self-interactions. Briefly, I selected twelve distinct proteins to ascertain the generality of my results, and I undertook a comprehensive characterization of the impact of mutations on their structure and their capacity to self-interact in vitro and in vivo. Through this research, I demonstrated that point mutations at the protein surface frequently create new self-interaction patches that can drive the proteins’ infinite folded-state self-assembly. As an independent researcher, I aim to grasp the sequence determinants and the biophysical mechanisms by which proteins form supramolecular assemblies. My long-term goal is to elucidate the role of supramolecular assemblies in evolution and disease and harness their potential for biotechnological applications.


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Seminario Dr Hector Garcia
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