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Study about High-Resolution Imaging of dividing fission yeast publishes by Leica microsystems with the participation of IBMB.

Cell division is a biological process during which all cellular components must be distributed among the daughter cells. The division process requires firm coordination for success. Microscopy is utilized to observe this procedure in living cells. Cell division studies are important for scientists to gain a better understanding of such phenomena as growth of an organism, proliferation, and reproduction. This article shows how sharp 3D images of live fission yeast cells acquired with a THUNDER Imager enable the study of subcellular structures like the ring and spindle pole body.

-With the participation of Dra. Elena Rebollo is the head of the Molecular Imaging Platform (MIP). Leica Authors

-And Dr. Javier Encinar. Leica Authors

You can find all the information in the “learn and share” section of the Leica microsystems website. Link to the study.

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