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Researchers from the SBU show how their daily work looks like to the general public

From 3th to 6th of May, a group of researchers from the SBU has participated in the outreach event organised by the Parc Cientific, called “Recerca en Directe”, which was taking place in the science museum Cosmocaixa. The SBU had one stand in which researchers explained how protein crystallography works, providing experimental examples of crystallization of both proteins and inorganic crystal, as well as showing the results of the process in a computer, by looking at electron density maps and playing with structures.

During the first three days, students from different secondary education institutions came to discover how researchers tackle the challenge of determining protein structures. On Saturday, the event was open to all general public attending the museum, and both grown ups and kids, as well as many future undergraduate students came to ask about our research and to experiment with us.

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