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  • 100xciencia3 event was dedicated to discuss different aspects of science and society.
  • The representatives of PSOE, PP, Podemos, Ciudadanos and PdCat agree to execute in the short term some measures to reduce bureaucracy and improve the science and innovation system
  • The event also hosted a keynote address by the Nobel Prize in Chemistry Robert Huber and debates on the relationship between science and society.

Núria Verdaguer, SBU scientific director, and Laia Vives, SBU project manager and responsable for communication, went to Madrid for the 100xciencia3 congress and the Severo Ochoa and Maria de Maeztu alliance General Assembly celebrated at Center for National Oncologic Investigations (CNIO).

In 100xciencia3 congress is organized in the context of visibility activities of excellence centers and units. This third edition, coorganized by SOMMa and CNIO, was titled “Bridging science and society”. Some institutions were selected to present their initiatives on science education and citizen science. The SBU was selected to present the outreach project MICROBES! directed to school groups from 3 to 5 years-old. Moreover, it was an opportunity to present the unit to the attendees and other members of the alliance.

During the day, three round tables took place to discuss different topics concerning science and society. Several science journalists discussed about their work and relations with scientists. Also, some recommendations about what the scientists can do to improve their interactions with press. In the afternoon, representatives from different politic groups at the government in charge of science formed the second round table to discuss about the necessities of science at Spain. Last but not least, experts on citizen science exposed their contributions and opened a debate on the possibility of institutions from different disciplines to be involved on this part of the open science umbrella.

On Friday took place the second general assembly of SOMMa, 47 of the 48 members joined to discuss about the alliance future and its governance. Maria Blasco, director from CNIO, was elected as vice-chair after Teresa Garcia-Mila, Director at Barcelona GSE, abandoned the charge.

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