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IBMB is part of the ASTIP project, the future hub for advanced research in the Barcelona Synchrotron Park

ASTIP, an acronym for Alba Science, Technology and Innovation Park, brings together the capabilities of ALBA synchrotron with the existing research, innovation and business ecosystem: Eurecat, the Technology Centre of Catalonia; IBMB, the Molecular Biology Institute of Barcelona (CSIC); ICMAB, the Institute of Materials Science of Barcelona (CSIC); ICN2, the Catalan Institute of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology (CERCA); IFAE, the Institute for High Energy Physics (CERCA); UAB, the Universitat Autònoma of Barcelona; and the Barcelona Synchrotron Park. All of them members of the project.

The ASTIP project is one of the proposals of the Government of Catalonia to apply for the funds of the European Recovery Plan and it includes:

the ALBA II program, that will transform ALBA synchrotron into a 4th generation synchrotron, and three new structures: the Complex Materials and Technologies Center (COMTEC), the Advanced Multiscale BioImaging Center (AMBIC) and an innovation hub (SYNDUSTRY) that will help to strengthen the relationship between basic research and companies.

ASTIP is a vast project to create a large advanced research centre in the Barcelona Synchrotron Park, close to ALBA synchrotron. More specifically, it will be an interdisciplinary hub for complex materials and biological systems that blends a unique combination of characterization and imaging tools, big data, material growth and device fabrication facilities. It will establish an ecosystem where scientific research, technology development and industrial innovation are merged to create a resilient, resource-efficient and competitive economy, focused on green energy, the digital transition and health.

Our Cryo-Electron Microscopy Platform will be hosted at the ALBA Synchroton.
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Complex Materials and Technologies Center – COMTEC (Blue), Advanced Multiscale BioImaging Center – AMBIC (Green) and an innovation hub – SYNDUSTRY (Grey)

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