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The Chromatin and gene regulation Lab, new member of the Conexión Cáncer network

    Chromatin and gene regulation -Guillermo P. Vicent Lab group- has been accepted as member of the Conexión Cáncer network. The mission of Conexión Cáncer is to foster synergistic interactions of cancer researchers within CSIC both among themselves and with external stakeholders, and to promote the recruitment of talent. In this manner, it provides visibility to CSIC as a key player in cancer research at both the academic and public level. Additionally, Conexión Cáncer-derived synergies will promote both the implementation of cutting-edge technological approaches and the optimal use of current core facilities, stimulating the interactions with the biopharmaceutical industry and enhancing the attraction of international resources. Through this initiative, the CSIC aligns with the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations, as well as with the European Union, which has established cancer as one of the leading Missions of the next 2021-2027 HorizonEU research and innovation framework program.

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