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Dr. Xavier Gomis Rüth awarded with the 2016 “Manuel Rico – Bruker” prize from the Spanish Biophysics Society (SBE).

    A research professor from the Structural Biology Unit, Dr. Xavier Gomis Rüth, is awarded with the 2016 “Manuel Rico – Bruker” prize from the Spanish Biophysics Society (SBE) for his extensive CV, especially in recent years, and his important contributions in the field of Structural Biology, combining functional and biochemical studies with X-Ray crystallography.

    The prize is awarded to biophysicist working on structure-function problems, which develops its activity in Spain, in memory of Professor Manuel Rico who was a pioneer using NMR technology to study protein structure, stability, dynamics and interactions. The awardee receives 3000€ and gives talk during a special session of the 5th SPBf / SBE Congress in Porto on June 15 – 17, 2016. The prize sponsored by Bruker Española S.A.

    Dr. Gomis-Rüth research interests focus on the molecular analysis of proteolytic enzymes, their regulation and inhibition, and the guest-microbiome interactions. From 2004 he is in charge of the Proteolysis Laboratory at the Structural Biology Unit, Molecular Biology Institute of Barcelona. Nowadays he is the Structural Biology Department director and member of eight international scientific societies.

    He graduated in chemical engineering (1989) by the Institut Químic de Sarrià, Universitat Ramon Llull of Barcelona. It is noteworthy that he worked under the supervision of Robert Huber, Nobel Prize for Chemistry in 1988, and enjoyed long term fellowships from EMBO and the EU Marie Curie programme. In 1999, he became scientific collaborator of CSIC and set up his own laboratory, whose first publication appeared in 2003.

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