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Creating scientific vocations at the lab

On April, Isabel Uson’s lab received Enea Knorr, a 4th grade of Secondary Education student, for a short internship. He came from German School in Barcelona, where all the students spend one week in formal work place according to their interests. The SBU is committed to create scientific vocations among young people and this was a great opportunity.

During a week, Enea experienced how researchers work is: planning experiments and carrying them out, using laboratory equipment as centrifuges or incubators. He had the opportunity to see the entire process of crystallography technique to reveal protein tridimensional structure: cloning, expression and purification of protein and crystallization experiments. He also learnt about the data processing after the X-ray diffraction. Dr. Giovanna Petrillo supervised him during the week.

“This week has been an incredible experience in many aspects. I realized that I have a sea of possibilities and I need time to see what I like the most” Enea said.



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