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Arko Chakraborty defended his doctoral thesis

    On Friday June 8, Mr. Arko Chakraborty, a PhD student from the Structural Biology Unit, has successfully defended his thesis, supervised by Dr. Maria Solà. The evaluation commitee for the defense was formed by Dr. Ignacio Fita, CSIC Research Professor, Dr. Roeland Boer, Beamline Responsible at ALBA-CELLS, and Dr. Joachim Mattias Gerhold, Associate Professor at Tartu University, Estonia.

    The title of the thesis is “Exploring structure-function relationship of the mitochondrial DNA packaging protein Abf2p and its dialogue with the DNA” and revealed how the protein Abf2p relates to mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) during its packaging in yeast. Dr. Arko’s work advanced on our understanding of the molecular process of mtDNA packaging, in which also the DNA itself seems to be a key player.

    People from the SBU and former members of Maria Solà’s laboratory went to the thesis defense and enjoy the celebration aperitif with the new doctor.



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