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ARF transcription factor

Structural basis for DNA binding specificity by the auxin-dependent ARF transcription factors (2014)

Cell 3 (156), 577-89.

Phob promoter

The structure of a transcription activation sub complex reveals how sigma-70 is recruited to PhoB promoters (2011)

EMBO J. 30, 3776-3785.

Rho termination factor

The structure of RNA-free Rho termination factor indicates a dynamic mechanism of transcript capture (2010)

23.Mol. Biol.400(1), 16-23.

phi29 transcription regulator

The structure of phage phi29 transcription regulator p4-DNA complex reveals an N-hook motif for DNA (2006)

 Mol Cell. 22(1), 73-81.

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