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Cell Biology (CB)

cell.jpgThe general purpose of the CB is to establish robust molecular links between the physiological changes that a cell might suffer under certain pathological situations such as cancer, the signaling cascades controlling the physiological state of a cell, and the effector systems targeted by those signaling cascades including the membrane traffic the cytoskeleton organization or the control of protein expression and degradation. To achieve our general scientific objectives, we invest our efforts at different levels, ranging from the higher level of complexity, i.e. trying to acquire a holistic view over the physiological changes that cells suffer during development of prostate cancer, over a medium level, in which signaling cascades controlling cell cycle progression and cell adhesion and motility are studied, to mechanisms at the molecular level. In this sense, the CB has a special interest in cellular process not directly controlling gene expression and two important executor systems responsible for targeted proteolysis of soluble and membrane proteins are studied: the proteosome and the endocytic pathway. The department meets together for a monthly seminar (see seminar section).

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