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Become a PhD student

Most of the Ph. D. students at the IBMB start as Master Students or even as Pregraduate fellows. The IBMB offers positions to develop the pre-graduate practicums and Master Thesis at several Universities of Barcelona (See Masters and Practicums related to our research at “webs of interest”).

Starting as a Master student gives you the opportunity to have a first contact with the research group and decide on a solid base to proceed to the Ph. D. during the next 3-4 years.

Once the decision is made, the student will chose a Ph. D. Programme from any of the Universities in Barcelona, matriculate and search for founding.

There are several founding opportunities to support your studies (see Ph. D. fellowships at “webs of interest”). In addition to the regular Ph. D. fellowships offered by the MINECO and the Generalitat de Catalunya, the potential candidates choosing the IBMB have access to the CSIC fellowships and those exclusively offered to the research centers awarded with the Severo Ochoa and Maria de Maeztu seal of excellence by La Caixa Foundation.

If you are particularly interested in the research of one or more of our groups, we strongly recommend you to directly contact the Principal Investigator by e-mail to explore the possibilities. 

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