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The Ph. D. Office is meant to facilitate the scientific and administrative life of our Ph. D. students, create a good work environment, promote scientific and social events and provide guidance during the development of their Ph. D. Thesis. 

In addition to the Ph. D. Thesis supervisor, supporting guidance to the students is provided by the Thesis Advisory Committees (TACs).

Issues discussed within the Ph. D. student community or particular concerns arising during the project development can be directly channeled to Ph. D. Student Chairs, any member of the Ph. D. Student Senior Board or via the Ph. D. Student Council

IBMB students follow the IBMB-Ph. D. Programme which includes the development of a scientific project in addition to assistance to international renowned weekly seminars, conferences on scientific writing, oral presentation and professional guidance, technical workshops and the yearly Student and IBMB-Christmas Meetings

All scientific activities are hold in English and prepare the students to present and discuss science at an international level. Students are encouraged to attend Conferences in their fields and visit laboratories abroad for periods of 3 to 6 months to improve their scientific and technical skills.

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