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list of selected publications
  •  Bijlmakers, M.J., Teixeira, J.,M., Boer, R., Mayzel, M., Puig-Sàrries, P., Karlsson, G., Coll, M., Pons, M., Crosas B. (2016) A C2HC zinc finger is essential for the RING-E2 interaction of the ubiquitin ligase RNF125. Sci. Rep. 6:29232

  • Isasa, M., Suñer, C., Díaz, M., Puig-Sàrries, P., Zuin, A., Bichmann, A, Gygi, S,P,, Rebollo, E., Crosas, B. (2016) Cold Temperature Induces the Reprogramming of Proteolytic Pathways in Yeast. J. Biol. Chem. 291(4):1664-75.

  • Zuin, A., Bichmann, A., Isasa, M., Puig-Sàrries, P., Díaz, L.M., Crosas, B. (2015) Rpn10 monoubiquitination orchestrates the association of the ubiquilin-type DSK2 receptor with the proteasome. Biochem. J. 472(3):353-65.

  • Puig-Sàrries, P., Bijlmakers, M.J., Zuin, A., Bichmann, A., Pons, M., Crosas, B. (2015) An intrinsically disordered region of RPN10 plays a key role in restricting ubiquitin chain elongation in RPN10 monoubiquitination. Biochem J. 469(3):455-67

  • Crosas. B. (2014) “Deubiquitinating enzyme inhibitor and their potencial in cance therapy”  Curr. Cancer Drug Targets. 14, 506-516.        

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  • Hirschberg, D., Cederlund, E., Crosas, B., Jonsson, A., Tryggvason, S., Farrés, J., Parés, X., Bergman, T., Jornvall, H. N-terminal acetylation in a third protein family of vertebrate alcohol dehydrogenase/retinal reductase found through a 'proteomics' approach in enzyme characterization. Cell. Mol. Life Sci. 58 (9):1323-1326, 2001 PDF
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