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Sebastian Pons: Neural Proliferation Control

Lab Presentation

The main interest of our laboratory has long been how the proliferation and differentiation processes that take place during the nervous system development are controlled. Germ line and somatic mutations of many different genes may cause an alteration of the mentioned processes, leading primarily to an aberrant growth of the tissue and in many cases prompting it to malignancies. Historically neoplastic growth has been associated to genes that either induce cell proliferation, or increase survival. Advanced tumours normally accumulate a large number of mutations, being difficult to discriminate which of those mutations were the founding ones. Our laboratory has become interested in the first cellular steps upon tumour onset. We have observed that oncogenes like b-Catenin in addition to regulate the mentioned proliferation and survival processes, develop key activities in cell polarization and positioning within the primary epithelium and that the polarity and cell position are by themselves potent regulators of proliferation, differentiation and cell fate acquisition.

Sebastian Pons Fuxa
  • Sebastian Pons Fuxa
  • Baldiri Reixac, 10
  • 08028 Barcelona, Spain
  • Phone: +34 93 4031103
  • E-mail:

Principal Investigator

Past students

  • Laura Vuolo

    PhD Student

  • Maria Blanca Torroba

    PhD Student

Rabadan MA, Herrera A, Fanlo L, Usieto S, Carmona C, Barriga E, Mayor R, Pons S, and Marti E.Delamination of neural crest cells requires transient and reversible Wnt
inhibition mediated by DACT1/2. Development 143:2194-205 (2016)
Vuolo L, Herrera A, Torroba B, Menendez A and Pons S.Ciliary Adenilyl Cyclases control Hedgehog pathway. J Cell Sci  128:2928-37 (2015) 

Díaz de Greñu B, García-Calvo J, Cuevas J, García-Herbosa G, García B, Busto N, Ibeas S, Torroba T, Torroba B, Herrera A and  Pons S. Chemical speciation of MeHg+ and Hg 2+ in aqueous solution and HEK cells nuclei by means of DNA interacting fluorogenic probes. Chem Sci 6:3757-3764 (2015)

Herrera A, Saade M, Menendez A, Marti E and Pons S. Sustained Wnt/β-Catenin signaling causes neuroepithelial aberrations through the accumulation of aPKC at the apical pole. Nat Commun 5:4168-81(2014)
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Rabadán MA, Cayuso J, Le Dréau G, Cruz C, Barzi M, Pons S, Briscoe J and  Martí E. Jagged2 controls the generation of motor neuron and oligodendrocyte progenitors in the ventral spinal cord. Cell Death Differ. 192(2):209-19(2012)
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Rios I, Alvarez-Rodriguez R, Marti E, Pons S. Bmp2 antagonizes sonic hedgehog-mediated proliferation of cerebellar granule neurones through Smad5 signaling. Development. 131(13):3159-68. (2004)

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