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Mariona Arbones: Proliferation and differentiation of the nervous system

Lab Presentation

The group studies the cellular and molecular mechanisms that control growth and cell diversity in the mammalian central nervous system. We are particularly interested in the neocortex, the brain region involved in higher cognitive functions. The many type of neurons that form an adult neocortex are generated prenatally from progenitor types located in different germinal regions. We aim to uncover intrinsic and extrinsic factors that are important for the proliferation and differentiation of these progenitors. We are also interested in understanding the pathogenic mechanisms that are responsible for the cerebral cortical alterations associated to Down syndrome and to a particular type of autism spectrum disorder caused by mutations in DYRK1A. Our experimental approach includes morphological and functional studies in mice that model these disorders, as well as proteomics and high-throughput sequencing techniques.

Mariona Arbonés Rafael

Principal Investigator

Past students

  • Sonia Najas

    Postdoctoral Researcher


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We are looking for a high-motivated PhD student to join the group in January 2018. We are offering a four-year predoctoral contract from the Spanish Ministry of Economy, Industry and Competitiveness (MEIC) to work in the project funded by the MEIC with title “Functions of DYRK1A kinase and microRNAs in the neurogenesis of the developing cerebral cortex” and reference number SAF2016-77971-R. Deadline for submitting applications is October 18th 2017. Candidates should have a Master’s Degree in Neuroscience, Biology or Biotechnology. For more information contact Dr Mariona Arbonés.

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