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User guidelines

Here are some general guidelines we follow in order to make every day’s work smooth and efficient. If you need any special requirements or have any useful suggestions please contact us directly.


  • Registration and Introduction to the systems by the Unit staff are compulsory for every user, either novice or advanced.
  • If you cannot remember how to operate a system you were already introduced to, ask the stuff team for advice.
  • Please do not enter in the facility any samples that are potentially hazardous or classified over S1 safety group.
  • If you publish or present any work made or processed in any of our systems, please acknowledge this facility.

Before you start

  • Wipe off dust and smear from the lens and the sample cover slip using lens tissue (soaked in ethanol if required).
  • When environmental control is needed, make sure you have switched on temperature controller at least 30 min in advanced.

While working

  • Check which immersion media are required for each lens you use, before you add any medium (oil, glycerol, water, air). If you don't know, ask the facility stuff.
  • Clean immersion media from lenses with a dry lens tissue every time you change slides. Slides should also be cleaned by a dry kim wipe.
  • Use moderate amounts (1 drop=50 µl) of immersion media. Immediately remove immersion media spilling over the objective rim.

 After you have finished

  • Clean immersion media from every lens you used with a dry lens tissue.
  • Always check up the reservations page to see whether somebody is booked after you.
  • If you are last user of the day, switch off the equipment (fluorescence lamps, lasers, microscope controllers, cameras, softwares, PCs), according to the instructions provided by the facility stuff. Cover the microscope (if applicable) and clean up the microscope bench from any residues (including dangerous glass coverslips and slides pieces).
  • Pay especial attention to the "system switch off" on Fridays; please make sure the lasers and fluorescence lamps are not left on over the weekend.
  • Incidences should be reported to the unit stuff, either in person or by e-mail. Writing incidences in the logging sheet is not a guarantee of efficient assistance.

Booking Guidelines

  • Booking of the microscope before use is mandatory, even if it is not being used by anybody else.
  • Logging sheets (at the microscope) should be filled up and signed after your session.
  • If you have booked the system and do not need to use the slot, delete your booking.
  • If you delete a booking on a saturated system (SP5), please send an e-mail to the cancellations list provided by the facility stuff. You can request us to be included in the cancellations notification list (or deleted from it).
  • If you delete the last booking on the day, ensure that the system is switched off (the previous user might not know that you are going to delete your booking).
  • Try to set long time-lapse experiments during nights and weekends, especially if the system is saturated (remember to switch off devices not needed during time lapse like the HBO lamp on confocal systems).
  • If you would like a long experiment to be saved by the next user, please contact him/her and get to an agreement.
  • Indicate in the booking application whether you will use temperature control during your session.

Data transfer and storage

  • When you save data locally, store it in a folder prepared to that purpose (normally it will be local hard disk D, folder “Users” or “Data”). Do not store data on the C: system hard disk, it may damage the system and reduce working memory.
  • Transfer you data as soon as possible to avoid data loss, local hard disks will be automatically deleted in 15 days. Please remember that external memories/pendrives are not allowed due to the risk of viruses. Use the servers designated to that purpose.

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