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  • Perearnau A, Orlando S, Islam A, Gallastegui E, Martínez J, Jordan A, Bigas A, Aligué R, Pujol MJ, Bachs O (2017) p27Kip1, PCAF and PAX5 cooperate in the transcriptional regulation of specific target genes. Nucleic Acids Research 45(9):5086-99.
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  • Jordan A (2016) Editor of the Special Issue: Histone H1 in gene expression and development. BBA Gene Regulatory Mechanisms 1859(3): 429-540. link
  • Jordan A (2016) Editorial-Histone H1 in gene expression and development. BBA Gene Regulatory Mechanisms 1859(3): 429-30. abstract
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  • Jordan A, Defechereux P, Verdin E (2001) The site of HIV-1 integration in the human genome determines basal transcriptional activity and response to Tat transactivator. EMBO Journal 20: 1726-1738. abstract


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