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(more) Lab people



  • Joan Roig, group leader.
  • Paula Martínez, PhD student.
  • Núria Gallisà, PhD student (FPI fellowship).
  • Antonio Lorenzo Martínez Wambre, Master student.
  • Núria Campos, Lab Manager.


  • Marta Redondo, Master Student.
  • Bruna Frielink Immich, PhD student in Guido lenz and Dr. Jenifer Saffi's labs (Sandwich Doctorate fellowship, CNPq, Brazil)
    Now finishing her PhD in Porto Alegre, Brazil.  
  • Susana Eibes, PhD student.
    PhD Univ. of Barcelona, 2016 "Functional study of the NIMA Protein Kinases Nek9, Nek6 and Nek7 at the onset of mitosis".
    Present location: Danish Cancer Society Research Center, Copenhagen, Denmark.
  • Priscilla Ferreira Papa, PhD student in Jörg Kobarg's lab (Research Internship Abroad, FAPESP, São Paulo Research Foundation, Brazil).
  • Fernanda Luisa Basei, PhD student in Jörg Kobarg's lab (Research Internship Abroad, FAPESP, São Paulo Research Foundation, Brazil).
  • Cristina Vila, lab manager.
    Present location: Esteve, Barcelona.
  • Sara Sdelci, PhD student (FI-DGR fellowship).
    PhD Univ. of Barcelona, 2012 ” Role of the kinases Nek6, Nek7 and Nak9 in the regulation of the centrosome cycle”.
    Present location: CeMM, Vienna, Austria.
  • Neus Teixidó, postdoctoral fellow.
    Present location: Thomson Reuters, Barcelona.
  • M. Teresa Bertran, PhD student (FPU fellowship).
    PhD Univ. of Barcelona, 2012 “Study of the phosphorylation and activation of the protein kinase Nek9 during mitosis”.
    Present location: London Research Intitute, London, UK.
  • Laura Regué, PhD student.
    PhD Univ. of Barcelona, 2011 ” Molecular basis of the regulation of the activity of the Nercc1/Nek9 protein kinase”.
    Present location: MGH/HMS, Harvard University, Boston, USA.

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